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4744 10th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Client: ComboStrike

Branding, B2B Marketing Strategy, PR

ComboStrike, based in Berlin, was ad2games' rebrand to a full-service agency. Ad2games hired me to help formulate the new brand, create and begin implementation of a B2B marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and meet business growth objectives.


Tasked with creating B2B branding and marketing strategy for ComboStrike, I started with brand positioning which included extensive brand workshops with the team, management and key clients as well as differentiation. I then created a brand strategy with messaging and frameworks for various aspects of the brand. The company had already created a visual identity and wanted to keep that intact.

B2B Marketing Strategy

As ComboStrike worked exclusively with leaders in PC and online games, I helped them with a B2B focused marketing strategy which included a heavy focus on PR and conferences.

Execution: PR + Conferences

Although I work remotely with clients, I do travel to manage conferences and expos. As I was currently in Berlin, I went with the ComboStrike team to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany to help manage the event (see right). Gamescom is one of the largest conferences in PC and online games. Before helping with the event, I created a press kit for ComboStrike and obtained several key media placements for the new brand unveiling at Gamescom. As they needed a new website, I also helped with creative direction, copy and project management for the new site (shown on the left). 

David Worle, VP of ComboStrike:
"Heather provided several services including:
  • Creating and implementing a global B2B marketing strategy to meet business growth objectives for ad2games and ComboStrike
  • Drafting, editing and optimizing content for specific target audiences with the goal of optimizing the path to conversion
  • Research and identification of potential strategic partnerships for content distribution
  • Designing and running marketing programs around our B2B success stories to increase demand from advertisers
We thank Heather Sabitov for the outstanding services provided and highly recommend her to any other company."