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4744 10th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713

About Heather Sabitov

A bit about my professional background, clients I've worked with and what inspires me!

Pleasure to meet you!

I enjoy helping innovative CEO’s to discover what makes them truly unique, formulating a brand that stands out amongst competitors (even larger ones),  messaging that resonates with their ICPs (and speaks to what really motivates them on a ‘human’ level), well-defined GTM strategy and executing high-level tactics to achievable incredible results and thought leadership in their niche.

I have a variety of corporate and client experience, primarily for startups and SMEs. I have worked within tech (AI, Fintech), online payments and eCommerce (SaaS) as well as entertainment and online games. The vast majority of my experience is in B2B, and I have planned and executed several ABM campaigns. I am the Founder of H2 Creative | Marketing | PR and work with clients as a fractional CMO or marketing lead, meaning that I work on a freelance basis with clients in an in-depth consultative role, while also executing on strategies presented. My Marketing FastTrack service is typically 12-months or 18-months in length, though many of my clients have continued working with me beyond this time frame. Clients who need specific help in branding or strategy and already have a marketing leader typically opt for my 6-month program.

Professional Experience (Resume)

I've been fortunate to be able to do what I enjoy (branding, marketing, communications) and have worked in some pretty amazing places! Below is a brief snapshot of some of my experiences and events I have managed:

2017-Present: Freelance/Fractional B2B Marketing Director, CMO

Started H2 Marketing + Design in California, working with clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. I later rebranded the agency to H2 Creative | Marketing | PR where I focused more on helping CEOs with branding, strategy and high-level marketing tactics such as ABM and other B2B-focused strategies. I work with clients as a Fractional CMO now and help other clients with web design, social media marketing, content and graphic design through my agency. 

2016: Regional Director, Technology

Led the technology division for Business Review Australia, part of BizClick Media, where I was in charge of sales and production of features with some of Australasia’s top CIOs and CTOs.

2010-2015: From Marketing/PR Specialist to Head of Marketing

After moving to Los Angeles, I worked as a Marketing and PR Specialist for Xsolla and was eventually promoted to Head of Marketing & PR, where I helped them formulate their brand and become an industry leader. I left Xsolla and started working with Payelp, the U.S. brand of DengiOnline, one of Russia’s largest online payment companies. I continued to work with the company as a Fractional CMO after leaving my in-house W2 role there. During this time, I also ran marketing and PR as a freelance Head of Marketing for EPrime Global, an eCommerce solutions provider.

2003-2009: Advertising, ABC Television + First Venture

After college, I worked as a Jr. Account Executive for Doner Advertising, a Media Negotiator for EH+Y Media and then an Account Executive for ABC Television in Santa Barbara.  During this period of time, I also ran my own web design, SEO, PR and social media marketing company, “NorthStar Creative,” where I primarily helped law firms and larger churches in Michigan and California.

2002: B.A., Advertising and Public Relations (MSU)

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Michigan State University

Why Hire Me?

Without an experienced marketing leader to help set goals, determine KPIs, budgets, and create actionable GTM, brand and marketing strategies, you may be wasting valuable time, resources and revenue opportunities.

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