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4744 10th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Hi, I'm Heather Sabitov,

An experienced Freelance/Fractional B2B Chief Marketing Officer and Consultant.

Hello, I’m Heather! I have been working with clients as a fractional B2B CMO/Head of Marketing since 2017. I help innovative companies without a marketing leader to differentiate themselves and establish their unique brand and messaging that resonates with their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), formulate a Go-To-Market or complete Brand/Marketing and Communications Strategy, as well as execution of campaigns and helping with hiring and training marketing staff.

I'm currently taking on new clients!
Depending upon the level of service (fractional CMO service or consultant), I typically start work with clients for 4 months, depending upon their needs. I understand that clients don't want a long commitment in the beginning, so I work hard and try to do work that amazes my clients- if they are happy, they keep working with me and refer me to others! As my time is limited (ya know, 24 hours and all that), I typically only work with 3 - 4 clients at a time. Why hire me? Please click below to view my program overview, testimonials, case studies and more!

B2B Marketing Fast Trackā„  program

Learn more about my strategic service for B2B-focused businesses.

About Me

From branding and GTM strategies to copywriting and high-value content creation, PR, ABM, web design and full-funnel campaigns with PPC, click here to learn more about my background and experience.

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I have worked with B2B and B2C companies, although the vast majority of my experience is in B2B marketing. Click here to learn more about the work I have done for clients!

Client Testimonials

David Worle
VP of Business Development

Heather provided several services including: The creation and implementation of a global B2B marketing strategy to meet business growth objectives; drafting, editing and optimizing content for specific target audiences with the goal of optimizing the path to conversion; research and identification of potential strategic partnerships for content distribution; designing and running marketing programs around our B2B success stories to increase demand from advertisers. We thank Heather Sabitov for the outstanding services provided and highly recommend her to any other company.

Fritz Rollins
Chief Operating Officer

Heather has a way with strategy… and with messaging! We wanted to speak to our ICPs clearly and effectively, and she helped us to do exactly that. Heather helped us with product and brand strategy, messaging, creative direction and copy for our website and creation of a high-value lead magnet, a 16-page Playbook. We are very impressed with her capabilities and we can absolutely recommend Heather Sabitov as a fractional CMO and marketing consultant.